My "Three P's" for Creating a Picture-Worthy Picnic


Make the most of this alfresco weather by hosting a picturesque picnic for friends and family this spring. Not sure where to start? Here are my “three p’s” for creating a photo-worthy picnic spread.

Pick the perfect place.
Kansas City has plenty of local parks to post up for a picnic, but if you’re looking for somewhere really unique (and Insta-worthy!), Union Station’s new art installation, “Reflecting Motion” is where you want to be. Drive around to the back of Union Station and you can’t miss this 12,000 square foot sky sculpture floating above Haverty Family Yards. Designed to look like the synchronized movements of flocks of birds or schools of fish, the installation features 75,000 streamers of metalized film that form a silver, iridescent wind wave above the Haverty Family Yards. Set up your picnic right underneath it and it’s like being under a wave of shimmering confetti. So cool!

Reflecting Motion was designed by world renowned artist Patrick Shearn and is presented by my friends at CommunityAmerica Credit Union. The installation will be at Union Station until September 2 so plan your picnic there before it’s gone.


You can’t have a picture-worthy picnic without a beautiful basket and blanket, right? I suggest a waterproof picnic blanket because the grass might be a little damp from all the rain we’ve gotten recently. If you don't have one, improvise! I actually used a beach blanket for my picnic and it worked great.

If you need a picnic basket, here are a few adorable options for under $40:
Bed Bath & Beyond
TJ Maxx


I think we can all agree that the best part of any picnic is the food and drink. My usual spread includes bread, crackers, fruit, cheese and nuts. And wine (duh). The bottle you see pictured is one of my favorite rosés, French Blue. It’s a dry, crisp, easy summer sipper I recently found on sale at Whole Foods - plus, the blue and white bottle pairs perfectly with my picnic color scheme. Canned wines are also a great picnic-friendly option, like this one from Yes Way Rose. And if you want something lighter in booze, try this really easy Rosé Spritzer recipe from Bon Appetit.


If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to have a photo-worthy picnic, CommunityAmerica Credit Union is hosting CommunityAmerica Day at the Reflecting Art exhibit on June 9 from noon to 5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public…plus, I heard there will be some free treats (so you know I’ll be there).

A big thanks to my friends at CommunityAmerica Credit Union for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to share with you one my favorite summertime activities. Happy picnicking!