How To Spark Creativity When You're Feeling Stuck


Creative ruts…we’ve all been there. I’m a writer and photographer, so conquering occasional ruts comes with the job description. But even those who don’t consider themselves “right brained” can experience a brain block now and then. The good news is, creativity is a skill that, just like anything, can be practiced and improved. 

If you need to reignite your creative spark, here are a few helpful tips I learned from a workshop with Dennis Hodges (a creativity expert and award-winning photographer) during Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City

1. Take a pause.
So often, our creativity is stunted by endless to-do lists, mindless distractions (here’s looking at you, social media!) and the pressure of day-to-day life. Dennis suggests taking a few 10-minute breaks during the day to unplug and let your mind daydream. In fact, he says simply giving your brain permission to turn off can actually boost productivity. 

2. Find a comfortable setting.
I don’t know about you, but nothing kills my creativity more than being chained to a desk all day. As a business owner and freelancer, working where and when I want has helped boost my creativity tenfold. If I’m working from my home office and get writers block, I know exactly what coffee shops will feed my creative energy. (Heads up if you ever see me at Thou Mayest with my laptop and a bowl of Golden Grahams.) Find a comfortable setting – even if it’s just a corner in your house – where you feel inspired to think.  

3. Make a mind map.
A mind map is a great visual thinking tool and an easy way to brainstorm thoughts organically without worrying about order and structure. Similar to what a family tree looks like, it starts with a subject (like a product launch, rebranding, trip, etc.), with all related ideas coming off the subject (budget, time, tasks, etc.). A mind map can turn a long list of monotonous information into an organized diagram that works non-linear with your brain's natural way of doing things.

For more creative inspiration, I highly recommend checking out Global Entrepreneurship Week when they come to town next November. The week-long event is totally free and includes hundreds of workshops tailored to business owners, entrepreneurs and those that aspire to be, too! 

This post is sponsored by Global Entrepreneurship Week, but all opinions are my own.