I'm Shanley.


Word Wrangler. Picture taker. Social shaker.

I offer writing, photography and consulting services for my fellow female entrepreneurs and influencers. Whether you’re here for fresh website copy, eye-catching Instagram photos or a creative eye to collaborate – welcome! You’ve come to right corner of the web.


But every story starts somewhere... 

Mine begins at age five when I set out to open my first lemonade stand...on a frigid January day. This early business venture was a failure, but I'd like to think it was there - pouring lemonade in my snow suit - that my entrepreneurial journey began. Once I discovered writing, years later, I finally found a place to channel my creative pursuits. From those first moments putting pen to paper, my life has revolved around communication and storytelling. I wrote for my college newspaper, received a mass communications degree, worked in advertising for seven years and ran a successful food blog - all while writing on the side. My love of photography came later in life, thanks to the food blog. In 2017,  I left the advertising industry to merge my creative pursuits and (ta-da!) Shanley Cox Creative was born. Now, I split my time collaborating with brands to help tell their story, as both a writer and photographer. 

Aside from work, you can find me exploring Kansas City’s restaurant scene, or planted on the couch with a jar of peanut butter and my cat, Sasha.  I’m all about collabs and making new friends - so don’t be a stranger!